3 Reasons You Should Be Remarketing RIGHT NOW

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Around three in five site visitors spend 15 seconds or less on a website before deciding the ditch — but that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t interested in your content, products, services or offers. It just means you haven’t fully engaged and converted them.


Enter remarketing. Remarketing campaigns “follow” your site visitors around the internet for a set period of time — usually a few days or, even, a few weeks. By putting your banners, brand ads and messages front-and-center while they’re checking email, searching for content and browsing other sites, you’re ensuring you’re always top of mind — and, more importantly, increasing the likelihood they’ll come back, this time ready to take action.

Ultimately, the benefits of remarketing boil down to three key buckets:

Remarketing Reason #1: You can bring back past visitors and customers — and get them to buy this time

Again, anyone seeing your remarketing campaign has already visited your site and/or opened your email messages. By showing remarketing messages based on user’s individual engagement — for example, showing this user the sneakers they were just looking at on your site — you’ll likely drum up more attention and engagement. And if they’re still considering those sneakers — or still browsing your competitors’ sites for those sneakers — seeing your message in the moment could sway their path to purchase in your favor.

Remarketing Reason #2: You can drive incremental sales among existing customers

That great customer bought those new sneakers? Why not use remarketing to share a deal on heart rate monitors? Or, when the temperatures drop, to tout your collection of cold weather running gear?

Remarketing is a great way to drive upsells among existing customers because, simply, it’s a great way to promote relevant complementary products and services. Many brands leverage these strategies to related products and services or, even, re-engage recent buyers with real-time sales and offers. Because these consumers are predisposed to the brand, there’s a better than average chance they’ll click through and take a peek.

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Remarketing Reason #3: You can reach customers everywhere

Today’s customers are always-on — and everywhere. Your best bet? Be everywhere, too.

Remarketing, in many ways, helps you close the promotional loop. Chances are you’re already reaching them via email, social media and other targeted environments. Remarketing takes it a step further, getting your brand, products and offers front-and-center even more, and on platforms your customers may or may not expect. The end result? More exposure, more engagement and more opportunities to seal the deal.

So should your brand be tapping into a remarketing strategy? In short, absolutely. Not only can you kick off a powerhouse campaign for pennies but, done right, these campaigns tend to have strong click-through rates (CTR) paired with solid conversion numbers.

Beyond that, though, you’ve already done the hard work of driving these visitors to your site. Why start from scratch with a new audience, new users and new consumers when you’ve already got a more targeted, more brand-aware and more engaged segment kicking around the internet — an audience that’s just a click away right now?

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