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4 kinds of content every HVAC company should post on social media

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Social Media Content To Help You Grow Your HVAC Business

Every business owner should be posting to social media on a regular basis. Millions and millions of people use social media as a way to communicate, gain information and entertain themselves. Using social media to advertise and keep your name in front of your customers both current and potential is a must.

1. Promotions

Keep business going even in the off times by holding promotions and post them to social media. Create a graphic with all the info and share it with your followers. If they aren’t in need of service, they may know someone who is and share it with them. Make sure you use appropriate hashtags and include your web address.

2. Photos About Your Business

Posting photos of yourself and your employees will give customers a sense of familiarity and security with you. Seeing who will be coming to service their HVAC unit will ease their minds about hiring you. To that end, posting new employees’ photos is important also so customers aren’t surprised by a new face.

3. Videos

Short “how to” type videos would really encourage customers to share your name with their contacts. A video on how to install an energy efficient thermostat is a great place to start. How to keep a home cool in the summer and warm in the winter is a great idea also. Your customers will really appreciate it!

4. Reminders

Changing air filters is something people easily forget to do. If you post reminders throughout the month through social media, they’ll be grateful. When it’s time for pre-winter tune ups, post about it. This will boost business and drive sales for you.


Encourage your customers to engage with your restaurant on social media through contests. You’ll gain more followers on the social media platform which will result in more customers in your restaurant.

Remember that you’re the only one who can bring customers to your business. Becoming proactive and using social media strategically can really improve your sales.

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