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5 Email Marketing Strategies To More Paying Customers

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Get More Business From These Email Marketing Strategies

In this day of technology, it’s vital for businesses to utilize email marketing as the effective marketing tool that it is. A lot of information can be shared in one email that will reach many people. Here are a few ways you as a restaurant owner can reach your customers through email.


By looking at your historically slow times of year, you can determine when to send email promotions to your customers in order to drive sales. Depending on the time of year, you can customize the promotion to draw them in. They will appreciate the deal, and you’ll get a boost in business.


Any time you’re offering a new product or menu, you should be letting your customers know. They’ll also appreciate an email wishing them a Happy Birthday, treating them to a discount on their big day. Keeping your customers aware of events going on the community is important also, especially if you’ll be sponsoring the event or will be a vendor. By doing these things, you’ll gain their interest and loyalty as customers.


A great way to get positive (and negative) feedback is through email surveys. You may need to incentivize your customers to participate, but in the long run it will be helpful for business. You could ask questions regarding the menu and what they’d like to see on it in the future. By asking for their opinion, you show you truly care and they’ll benefit as well.

Tell Your Story

Tell your story like only you can. Let your customers know what sets you apart from other restaurants. If you have processes in your cooking that are different from other restaurants, tell your customers about it. They want to know what makes you unique and they’ll enjoy bringing their friends to experience it also.


Encourage your customers to engage with your restaurant on social media through contests. You’ll gain more followers on the social media platform which will result in more customers in your restaurant.

The goal of email is to reach many and to entice them to come to your restaurant. You’ll be amazed at the power of email. By using these helpful tips, you’ll see a difference for sure!

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