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Google Merchant Feed Terms You Need To Know

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Google Shopping strives to create a transparent and highly seamless experience for both brands and consumers—and that includes keeping you in-the-loop about the status of your products within the platform.

Each time you submit product data to the Merchant Center, Google Shopping will automatically assign and update its status so you can see if it’s actively appearing and if there are any concerns or considerations surrounding that item. Once submitted, you’ll be able to view your products’ status anytime within your account Dashboard—simply view the Product overview graph or click on the Products tab of your account.

Google Merchant Feed Statuses

Products will always fall into of four statuses:

1. Active—items that have an “active” status are approved and eligible to appear in Google Shopping results, provided they’re in stock and available; a green checkmark will appear under the “Shopping” column marker indicating your item is active.

2. Pending—while a product is being processed by Google it will appear as “pending” in your Dashboard. There are, typically, three reasons a product status shows as pending:

  • This is the first time you’re uploading product data to your account; items will shift from “pending” to active or disapproved within three business days
  • If your item has a pending image crawl, it will be “pending” until Google can find the image. Should there be any issues, Google Shopping will contact you. Otherwise this process typically takes up to three business days.
  • If your items are targeting a country still in beta, their status will be “pending.”
  • Ads are still in beta for several countries including Ireland, South Africa and New Zealand.

3. Disapproved—if your item is disapproved then it won’t be active in Google Shopping until you correct any outstanding issues. Google will notify you of the reason for the disapproval but, in most cases, the listing is missing required attributes, it violates Google Shopping compliance policies or the data quality doesn’t align with Google Shopping’s feed specifications for your target country/countries. The Diagnostics tab will help you assess and determine next steps.

4. Expiring—the “expiring” status indicates the item will expire within three days and will no longer appear as an ad. This will happen if you haven’t updated product data in the last 30 days or are using the “expiration date” attribute in your data feed.

When in doubt, refer to your Google merchant feed dashboard. This will have all of the information you need to get product status where it needs to be quickly and easily.

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