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Google Text Ads 101

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What YOU Need To Know About Google Text Ads

Google text ads are small copy-only ads used to promote brands, websites, products and services within the Google Network (Also known as PPC or Pay Per Click ads). Text ads appear within Google searches, specifically on results pages. They can also appear on other areas of the network including search partner sites and the Display Network—however, depending on the platform and their specific formats, ads may be slightly altered.

Each text ad is broken down into five key components. By understanding each component and how to get the most out of the limited space provided, brands can create compelling, high performance text ads that engage and activate the right consumers with the right message at the exact right time. Those components?

Your Headline

Your headline is the most prominent piece of your text ad, and the content consumers will see first. Consider weaving in keywords they may be searching or thinking about during their search. For example, if you’re a house painting service, you may want to simply state, “LOW COST PAINTING” or “$199 PAINTING” in your headline to increase immediate response. Headlines are limited to 30 characters per line, with two lines per ad devoted to the headline.

Your Display URL

Your display URL doesn’t necessarily have to be your company’s URL—you’ll enter that in other space within AdWords. Instead, your display URL is the URL consumers will see in your text ad. This is meant to give potential visitors a sense of where they’ll go if they click. Because many site URLs are long or assign unique paths to search visitors, most businesses either shorten their URL or use their homepage URL as their display URL in text ads. So, for example, the destination URL for a specific product may be:|rugs-outdoor-indoor

That’s too long for a display URL—and would confuse a consumer. In this case, the display URL may be “” Because display URLs are limited to 15 characters, this URL would work well.

Your Description

A Google text ad description calls out specific details about your product or service. This is the bulk of the copy in your text ad. Descriptions are limited to 80 characters and, ideally, should include a call to action driving consumers to click through to your website, social media page or other destination.

Automated Ad Extensions

Automated extensions provide users with larger ads to promote their brands and businesses and, with it, more chances to engage customers. When Google predicts an automated extension will improve your ad’s performance, it automatically builds it out and positions it below your ad. There’s no cost to tap into automated extensions, and you’ll pay the same whether a consumer clicks on extensions or your text ads.

Manual Ad Extensions

These customizable add-ons offer added details about your products, services or business, and can display call to action buttons, clicks-to-call or download drivers. Extensions can be set up manually within the Ad Extensions tab in AdWords. Choose “Your Preferred Extension” from the VIEW dropdown menu, then follow the prompts from the EXTENSION button to build yours out.

Done right, Google text ads and extensions can be a major business driver. The average click-through rate for text ads is about 2%. While that may sound low, given the low cost and thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of consumers who will see your ad on this platform, the potential is sky-high. Start by building compelling text ads with smart extensions and go from there. By testing, optimizing and creating campaigns that drive the right customers, you’ll be able to build your business in a big way, one search at a time. Need help with your Google Adwords strategy? As a Google Partner, we can help you get the best results from your campaigns.

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