Moving Company Lead Generation

Move The Needle For Your Moving Company Today.

Are you ready for more moving leads? With some strategic planning, a complete approach to your marketing efforts and a commitment to 24/7 lead generation and conversion-focused promotions, movers can make the most of their budgets and resources, driving added new and incremental leads and paying customers starting now.

Step 1: Don’t let your website be the reason you don’t get leads

When it’s time to move consumers may ask for personal referrals, scour the Internet for reviews or, more likely, pop a local search into Google and see what turns up. No matter how a prospective customer first connects with your business, ensuring they find a compelling, professional digital destination tied to your brand is essential. Not only does this position your moving company as polished, established and trustworthy, but having a responsive platform with clear calls to action (CTAs) and meaningful content will drive added engagement and conversion regardless of how, when and where a customer lands within your branded experience.

Step 2: From here, focus on creating a moving company lead generation strategy

Chances are personal referrals and online reviews are a key piece of your marketing strategy. To give these efforts an even bigger boost, be sure you’re capturing leads on your site and social platforms through clear CTAs and data capture capabilities, plus a focus on tying turning over emails to high value brand experiences — in other words, by turning over your email address you’ll earn some added benefit that’s relevant and valuable. Think discounts on moving, packing services or storage, for starters.

Once you have the leads, consider creating a nurture campaign that keeps your moving company top of mind. When the time comes for that lead to move or, even, when a friend or relative needs a referral, your business will be on the tip of their tongue. And, above all, be sure any promises you make to secure that lead is met. If you’ve offered valuable content, discounts or other access, be sure you meet or exceed those expectations or you’ll no doubt alienate this potential client and their extended networks.

Step 3: Make Your Marketing Dollars Work For You

All too often movers consider marketing and promotional efforts a success or a failure — simply, they worked or they didn’t. But there are many dimensions to marketing and outreach, and that means companies need to assess not just what works and what doesn’t but, at the same time, the level of value delivered — think return on investment (ROI). Just because an outreach effort led to web conversions, calls or even bookings doesn’t mean it’s where you should continue to invest your time, talent and other resources. Weigh everything against traditional ROI as well as other key performance indicators (KPIs) you’ve set forth for your business and see what, ultimately, delivers the greatest success with the least investment.

Just because moving is an on-demand industry doesn’t mean your business is immune to many of the traditional marketing must-haves and, even, pitfalls of other companies. Focus on developing a strong, relevant digital experience, collect leads and deliver high value experiences to those engaged prospects and, above all, weigh the impact of your marketing and promotional efforts against your business’ KPIs. With those strategic foundational pieces in place, you’ll be positioned to make the most of your customer base, your digital footprint and your overall resources — and that’s what will no doubt drive your business to the next level.

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