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Pest Control Marketing: Reach More Customers

Got a pest control business? Chances are you’ve already tapped into a variety of digital, in-market and local print advertising to drive new and incremental bookings. But how to leverage compelling digital platforms to ensure a steady stream of high value leads and, ultimately, customers? Start by laying a solid foundation rooted in lead generation, customer valuation and engaging digital experiences and, from there, you’ll be on the path to short- and long-term success.

Pest Control Marketing: Web Design That Reaches Customers

Like any business, pest control companies need to deliver consistent, cohesive and compelling digital experiences. In many markets this first step is even more critical for pest control businesses. Why? Because much of your revenue likely hinges on one-off appointments to tackle pest problems — the termite infestation, ants in the basement, rodents in the attic or other emergent issue. When a prospective client has a pest problem, they often turn to whatever business is top-of-mind — perhaps a friend or neighbor recently used a pest control company, they spotted a truck on the street or, increasingly likely, a quick Google search turned up a well-rated company.

To ensure your business is primed for those leads, be sure you have a solid web destination that’s responsive, has a clear value proposition and equally clear calls to action (CTAs) — CTAs that drive prospective clients to email or call for an appointment. More and more pest control brands are even leaning on content marketing strategies like blog posts and social media outlets designed to deliver valuable information and position their companies as the go-to experts — think how-tos to avoid pest problems, homemade repellents and other key content that educates and informs.

Pest Control Marketing: Get More Leads For Potential Customers

While pest control is often an on-demand business, it’s still important to collect leads through your website, social media platforms and ongoing referral sources. Be sure your website and other digital touch points have clear CTAs driving eNewsletter sign up, possibly tied to a special discount or offer, or other high value incentive.

Once you’ve begun building your list, be sure to deliver ongoing content through weekly or monthly email outreach tied to seasonal shifts and other info designed to keep prospects and clients in-the-know. Don’t bombard and be sure content has a high value — if you’re unsure, consider integrating a follow up discount or promotional code for bookings or key seasonal services. Again, when pest control is needed consumers often opt for an immediate solution — a solution that’s already top-of-mind. If you’ve made it into their inboxes, you’ll likely top the list.

Pest Control Marketing: How Much Is A New Customers Really Worth?

Like any marketing campaign, understanding your audience segments and their respective values is key. To get to this point, pest control companies need to continuously test new marketing strategies — discounts, email marketing, search engine marketing, social media, local outreach — and see what delivers the best return on investments (ROI). Armed with this data you can begin assessing the best places to invest your marketing dollars, to not just drive new business but to maximize your ROI.

Marketing your pest control business requires some smart, strategic planning, testing and an iterative approach based on what’s delivering and what’s falling short. Ensure you have a solid web presence in place so on-demand customers can find you quickly and convert easily. From there, be sure you’re capturing leads and properly assessing the real value of key customers and customer segments. With these tactical foundational pieces in place, your business will continue to drive new and incremental business and, equally importantly, will be able to make the most of each marketing dollar invested.


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