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Social Media

Social Media Marketing: Reach More Customers

New media platforms have shifted the dynamic between business and consumer. Communication isn’t a one way street anymore. Social media and online reviews demand a new level of transparency and accountability. Cobblestone can work in tandem with your team, bringing our own expertise to your branded social media. Our strategic, solutions-oriented approach will help you find ways to create partnerships with your customers, and connect and interact with your audience in ways that have never been possible before.

Social Media

Social Media Advertising: Ignite Your Business

True social media advertising is both targeted and collaborative. We will use data and analytics to help you find interested audiences that you haven’t engaged before. By combining public relations messaging with the latest search media best practices, social media is an extremely effective way to connect with your audience. This sort of one-on-one interaction with current and potential customers is powerful because it takes place where your audience is already evaluating your product. When done right, social media marketing can create unpaid visitors, expand awareness and give personality to your brand, making your company’s identity more authentic and approachable.

Social Media

Social Media Management: Communicate Your Message

Social media is a key part of a brand’s overall marketing and communications strategy. We’ll start by using immersion and download meetings to better understand your business goals and customer profile. Then we will apply the latest new media and tools to find and influence your audience. Because it uses cost variables and targeting tactics that aren’t available with traditional campaigns, social media marketing is uniquely customizable. We’ll work with you to create a strategy that will grow your audience and increase your bottom line. Once in place we can interact with your audience directly. This offers both a security buffer for your brand and makes your online identity more active, efficient and effective.

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