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Types Of Chatbot Conversations

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Chatbot Conversations That Help Your Company Communicate Better

One of the reasons social media has become so widespread is because it’s a quick and easy way for customers to communicate with brands. Rule-based and artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots give companies the ability to instantly connect with their audience, which improves the customer experience and helps build brand loyalty.

Welcome Messages

Welcome messages allow businesses to connect with their audience and set expectations as soon as a direct message conversation begins. These chatbots show customers your brand is committed to customer service and helping them in a timely fashion.

Example: We’re so happy to hear from you! How can we help you today?
Example: Hi there and thanks for reaching out. Pick one of the following options we can get you the help you need ASAP.

Customer Service

Field customer service questions with a chatbot! The more focused your commands, the more satisfied your customers will be. When developing a chatbot for customer service, take time to make sure the commands and responses sound like a live person.

Technical Support

Waiting for technical support via phone or email can be very frustrating for customers and employees alike. Technical support chatbots simplify the process and make it easy for customers to resolve simple issues or escalate the problem to the right department.

Schedule an Appointment

These chatbots streamline the appointment-setting process, increase customer satisfaction and organize requests for easy handling.


The majority of technical issues are quick fixes, but companies spend a lot of time and money resolving them anyway. Help customers resolve issues on their own or direct them to someone who can help by developing a chatbot with up to 6 Quick Replies. Example: “I forgot my password” or “Update my billing address.”

Product Suggestions & Research

Ensure your audience receives consistent responses and cut down on customer service expenses by directing your audience to more information on your products, services or research that supports your business. Quick Replies could include “I need help with sizing” or “What are the health benefits of _____ product?”.

Shortcuts to Information

Connect customers to important information such as FAQs and common “help” requests by formatting your chatbot with these specific commands.

Once you’re up and running, keep these tips and best practices in mind:

  • Be Prepared for customer service requests beyond your preset options by including a Quick Reply button for “Other” or “My issue isn’t listed.” This will ensure that chatbot works for everybody, not just users with common issues.
  • Auto-Responses are how the chatbot responds to your customers. You can adjust the responses to correspond to the quick reply chosen. A good example? The user chooses “My order was incomplete,” and the chatbot responds with: “Sorry to your order was incomplete! Please give me your order number or email address and we’ll resolve the issue as quickly as possible.”

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